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  • Vaastu Shastra tips for your main entrance door

    Door is an important to see in vaastu science. Main door take care of at least 15 to 20% of vaastu. Let us focus on the Main door and discuss some points

    Is Your Bedroom According to The Vaastu

    Bedroom has great significance in our life, we spend almost 1/3 of the life in our bedroom. Following are the important Vaastu instruction for bedroom

  • Vaastu shastra tips for bathroom and toilet

    As every body knows toilet is a dirty area, in earlier days toilet/bathroom was not available in the houses, but modern life has no answer to it. One should maintain perfect hygine and cleanliness

    Vaastu Shastra Tips for Flats

    Ready to buy a flat,you should check the main gate of the society , it should not come in the south western part of the plot. The gate should not face a big building. It should not face a T junction.

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