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Is Your Bedroom According to The Vaastu

Bedroom has great significance in our life, we spend almost 1/3 of the life in our bedroom. Following are the important Vaastu instruction for bedroom-

Bedroom Direction: While choosing the place for the bedroom we must go for the South West direction of the plot. This is the most restful and powerful area for the bedroom. The main bread earner should occupy this place as bedroom. Bedroom for Pregnant woman should not use North East direction bedroom, using this directions bedroom increases the chances of miscarriage. Newly married couple should not be given the Southwestern bedroom, if they are in a big joint family. It gives domination effects to the newly bride and in turn gives rise to the frictions in relations.

Sleeping Direction: One should remember always point the head towards South while sleeping, this provides the occupant with a sound sleep. The Earth has two areas i.e. North areas and South areas. Electro-magnetic waves revolve from North to South. Both axis repel each other. If we point our head towards North while sleeping we feel distressed by the electro magnetic waves coming from the North, there fore results is Headache and Body ache in the morning.

Do not point the feet towards the door of the room. This is not considered good. As it is seen that it gives many health problems

Windows: See that there should be a solid wall behind the bed, avoid the openings of big window behind your bed. This state of the bed gives you instability.

Colors: Do not choose not to dull colors like grey, off white or beige shades these colors retain dullness in your life. Also not to sharp colors for the bedroom like reds, dark blues etc. Colors like pink, light green, light blue and very light violet are good. Pure white color is good for spirituality and peace.

Pictures in Bedroom: Do not display pictures of war, cruelty, sadness, wild animals also take care do not display any single bird or any animal in a couple bedroom. Generally it is seen that people with religious nature display pictures of deities (God). One should give a respectful and individual place to the god pictures. Couples should take care that they use single bed, single mattress single sheets for themselves.

Some Other Things which should be taken care of:

  1. In some of the cases your bed is pointed towards the toilet wall. Bed adjoining the toilet wall again gives you health problems as it receives the negative energy.
  2. Do not use water, water bodies like aquarium or water fountain etc. Water is an unstable element and hence has no place in the bedrooms. This will cause instability in your life.
  3. Do not use Mirrors in the bedrooms, if it can not be avoided keep mirror in such a position that while sleeping it should not reflect your shadow. If you avoid the mirrors this means you avoid unnecessary quarrels between the couple.
  4. If you have a beam in your bedroom , it may become a cause of your health problem and tensions.Aviod the unnecceasry stress in your life do not sleep under a beam.
  5. Try not to make cash lockers in bedroom.
  6. Marriage able girls of the family should be given a North West direction of bedroom. This place gives them a boost for good luck in there marriage. Girls getting difficulty in finding a good match should occupy the northwest bedroom.