About Us

Chairman’s Desk

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners, employees and customers for their support in helping Gurutek Estate Private Limited cherish years of success. On behalf of the Board, I sincerely thank all our investors and stake-holders for their unconditional support and commitment. We have only been able to deliver excellence and improved performance with the support of the contributors backing Gurutek Estate Private Limited.

I believe that the coming decade also brings new optimism and an improved platform for the Company, giving me the confidence that we will achieve each of our future plans successfully. We must ensure that we remain vigilant to threats until our economy stabilizes.

Our company’s business model is evolving, where we are enhancing our key operations to ensure consistent and positive experience for all our customers, partners, suppliers and employees. We continue to operate in a number of core industries where our clear vision and tested strategy is trusted by our consumers. The strength of our quality products is this strategy which has accelerated our growth, and we look forward to enhanced performance in the coming years.


Shri Kamal Agarwal: A Civil Engineer by education, Shri Kamal Agarwal is the master of managing everything single-handedly, everything that falls between planning and execution. With boundless experience in raw material procurement and project execution, he has helped the company stay intact through the thick and thin. Aged 52 years, he has enriched the group with an innovative bent of mind, with which he works towards getting all the policies and ideas implemented. From policy making to final product manufacturing, he has never failed to deliver the best.

Smt Sapna Agarwal: A Msc by education, Smt Sapna Agarwal is the active supporter of Gurutek Estate Private Limited. She has tremendous knowledge and growing experience in getting things implemented. She is a prize of the organization and her contributions have made the company unmatchable in the real estate industry. She is a key element in the growth of the company. She helps converts all ideas and policies into execution with adroitness that has helped the company to reach a new high in the secondary real estate market.