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Vaastu Shastra tips for Flats

  1. Ready to buy a flat,you should check the main gate of the society , it should not come in the south western part of the plot. The gate should not face a big building. It should not face a T junction. If these are available the residents of the society can face unneccasry obstaceles.
  2. Check in which part of plot, the building are elevated. If it is covering the northerern area or eastern areas the energy flows are affected.
  3. By elevating the northern and eastern areas the southern and western area are lowerd and lightend and thus results in the leakage of energies. These energies are very subtle and have lot of significance in our life. These can be named as northpole energy, solar enregies and magnetic energies etc.
  4. The swiming pools of the society should be towards the northern sides of the society plot. Same rules with the tennis lawns, clubs and other meeting areas. Gymnasiums can be made towards the northwestern areas.
  5. Lot of people are confused that how to check the main facing of the for a flat. The main door facing has to be seen to check the main facing of the flat. When ever you move out of the door, the direction you face is called the main facing direction. You should not consider the facing of the stairs from which you climb to your flat.
  6. Check in some of the flats you find the stairs are climbing just accuratley in front of the main door. This signifies unstable flow of good luck as it climbes up. To avoid this give a sharp light focus on your main door.
  7. Check if there should not be a door of another flat just in front of you main door. No sharp edges of wall of another flat or any other artitechture. No pillars in just in front of the main doors.
  8. During one of visits to analyse a flat in society, I got to see a garbage lift trolly just in front of the main door. That was a advancement technical luxary for the occupants. The garbage lift was beautifully decorated with open able windows to throw the garbage. This garbage trolly is a big vaastu defect.
  9. Check the shape of the plot for the society, generally they have irregular shapes. Then see the shape of the flat , these are provided irregular shape to utilise spaces or to provide the ventilation in each room, so that less space is used to provide the ventilation. In some cases the architects give multiple cuts just to give the beautiful looks to the flats.
  10. The problem ariesed from these defects is irregular energy distribution of energy in every corner of the flat. In some cases important and sensitive corners get cut, and the occupants do not get the benefits of the directions.
  11. Some of the societes occupy full ground floor for the parking of cars, in such cases the first floor occupants face vaastu defects. There base is not solid. This type of parking space works as a basement.
  12. In some of the flats, while standing on the main door one gets a view of the toilet, this brings bad luck to the occupants . As the luck energy coming in from the main door is welcomed by the toilet bad energy.
  13. The architechture should take care that full view of the flat should not be taken from the main door espically the bedrooms and toilets should not be revealed.
  14. In general one should check that there should be no toilets an stores in the extremes of northeast and northeastern directions, kitchen should be place in the south or southeastern directions.Bedrooms should be available in the south or western directions.
  15. Beams should not be over the heads while sleeping or sitting. Also one should take care of storage cupboards etc.