Vaastu Shastra tips for your main entrance door

Door is an important to see in vaastu science. Entrance door take care of at least 15 to 20% of vaastu. Let us focus on the Entrance door and discuss some points.

Entrance Door is Main; Other than seeing the auspicious directions for the main door we must see that the main door should be bigger and beautiful than the other doors available in the house. There must be a difference in size and looks from other doors. It should be cleaned, should not be worn out. Main door is the face of the house or structure. Maa Lakshmi and good energy when enters the house it likes beautiful doors. And we all know that we are evauled by our face first.

Is Your Bedroom According to The Vaastu

Bedroom has great significance in our life, we spend almost 1/3 of the life in our bedroom. Following are the important Vaastu instruction for bedroom.

Bedroom Direction; While choosing the place for the bedroom we must go for the South West direction of the plot. This is the most restful and powerful area for the bedroom. The main bread earner should occupy this place as bedroom. Bedroom for Pregnant woman should not use North East direction bedroom, using this directions bedroom increases the chances of miscarriage. Newly married couple should not be given the Southwestern bedroom, if they are in a big joint family. It gives domination effects to the newly bride and in turn gives rise to the frictions in relations.

Vaastu shastra tips for bathroom and toilet

Toilets should not be made in Northeast corners it is a severe vaastu offence, it brings disastrous health issues, accidents, problems in progeny and also brings unneccassary tensions. North east is a very pious place and owned by the Lord Siva, Northeast is occupied by Vaastupurush’s forehead. So one should never place the toilet/bathroom here.

Toilets in the Southeast area is also a problem in vaastu sense.The inmates of the building sturcture which has southeast toilet bear unexpected losses, unexpected problems, leagal issues, taxation problems, accidents with electricity and problems in elctricity gadjets.Southeast is owned by Lord agnidev, the place is good for fire activities, Sun is also at its peak in this direction. So creating water activities out here is not good, and again toilet is not a pious area , lord agni is not pleased that way.

Vaastu Shastra tips for Flats

Ready to buy a flat, you should check the main gate of the society , it should not come in the south western part of the plot. The gate should not face a big building. It should not face a T junction. If these are available the residents of the society can face unneccasry obstaceles.